User Group Summit

Just got in from finishing off the evening with a few of the UG leaders from around Canada. The summit today was great (pics courtesy of Guy Barette). For a new User Group, my idea was to get in and really listen to the ideas that the more experienced leaders so that we can limit the number of mistakes that we make.

A few things stood out from the meetings. The first was that, like so many other things in Canada, each region has it’s own set of needs and desires. These may be dictated by population, geography or economics. The second thing was that people were really passionate about the User Group Tours and the MSDN Speakers Bureau. Third on the list of interesting tidbits was that the different groups have vastly different ways of approaching sponsorship.

On another note altogether, we did find out that D’Arcy has a very bad, albeit new, infatuation with the gathering of bovine semen and the subsequent manual fertilization of the female of the species.