Community Server 2.0 "Skin Not Found"

So I upgraded to Community Server 2.0 RTM back about a month ago and since then I’ve been fighting to get my favourite skin (Foggy Valley) to run on my site. Every time I’d switch the skin from one that shipped with CS 2.0, I’d reopen my blog to be greeted with a “Skin Not Found” error. I’ve searched high and low for the cause of this to no avail. Finally tonight I was sitting around with nothing to do so I took another shot at fixing this.

My search on Google actually lead me to something useful this time. On the Community Server forums there is a thread that discusses this problem. To save you reading through all of the posts I’ll summarize it here.

In Community Server 2.0 blogs there are two locations to set the skin of a blog. One is in the administration of the individual blog itself and the other is at the site level where it can affect all the blogs on the site. It turns out that there is a bug in CS whereby setting the site level skin to anything other than “default” will cause a blog that has a custom skin set for it to throw this error. So to fix the problem, always have your site level skin set to “default”.

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