Time Management

Today I heard a good one. 

It’s right near the end of the day and one of my coworkers (I think
we’ll call him TheUdderFeller) comes over to Slim and says something
along the lines of “I’ve found a bug but it’s not in my code.” 
Slim, looks at him and asks “What’s it doing and where and when?” 
TheUdderFeller says something that, to me in my concentrated state,
sounds like complete jabberwackey.  Slim then pointed out a couple
of possible things to look at and sent TheUdderFeller on his way.

A few minutes later TheUdderFeller drops by Slim’s desk again and says
something about the error not occurring in his code.  Slim’s
response is that TheUdderFeller should do one of two things; ask me if
I can find the time to look into it for him, or find the erroneous code
and get me to walk through it with him until we fix it.  The
response from TheUdderFeller:  “I don’t have the time to do

This completely broke my concentrated effort to find an error in the
error handling code and led me to wonder if TheUdderFeller was yanking
our chains.  I figured he wasn’t when he left the pod (or
quadricle if you’re all hoity-toity like Slim) in a state of
panic.  Now, I don’t know what else was going on for
TheUdderFeller, but his daily tasks include coding, coding, more
coding, and making sure his code is working.  That last
responsibility sounds to me like TheUdderFeller should be debugging

Tomorrow I’m not going to go to the meeting with Gollum.  I just don’t have the time.