Network Connection Disconnected

Well folks, I’m going offline for a while. I’m moving into a new place and my phone and internet won’t be set up for a number of days. I love the precision that Telus gives. “We have an opening between 1pm and 6pm if that works for you?” Hello? It’s going to take 5 hours to check my phone line and switch on my ADSL? Apparently they can’t narrow this down to a specific hour or two so that us working folks don’t have to take a half day off to sit and wait for them to show up for their 15 minutes of glory. I even asked if they could call me on my cell when they were coming over as I only live 4 blocks from work and could meet them quickly. The response….”Sorry, but some of our technicians don’t have phones with them.” Ok, is it me or is it really odd that a phone company (Telus does both land and cell service) doesn’t equip it’s own roving employees with a phone? Aghhhhh.

Anyways, new place, new community and new exploring. The city is throwing a Canada Day bash on Friday and at 11pm there will be fireworks. I’ll be able to see them from my balcony……I love it already.