Sherlock Holmes

If anyone is Edmonton and your feeling parched, a stop at the <a
href=”http://www.thesherlockholmes.com/">Sherlock Holmes</a>
downtown is a must.  I visited this Thursday past and was more
than pleasantly surprised.  The place is a small tudor style
building in the heart of downtown, surrounded by towers on all
sides.  Once inside, the decore is very traditional with large
wood beams and white walls (where not covered by memorabilia). 
They had numerous beers on tap, a good selection of liquors and, best
of all, a full menu.  True I visited during the <a
href=”http://www.timhortonsbrier.ca/">Brier</a&gt;, but for a
Thursday night the place was packed.  As I have moved only
recently to the city from a very small town the selection of beauties
that patronized it that night was most appealing.  My company was
visiting from a farming community and her review of the male customers
was two big thumbs up.

So if you’re in, or going to be in, Edmonton I suggest a visit.  And drop me a note, I’ll tilt a couple with you.