I have become what I fear.  Today while creating a data structure,
I created a foreign key field that allowed NULL values.  I know
what you are saying to yourself as you read this, so see this <a
to know that I abhor this practice.

Please let me find my way out of the quagmire of standardization vs. good practices.

There was an interesting post today on <a
Phillips blog</a> commenting on coders who have higher standards
than their bosses.  Iā€™d like to say that the issues that Ron
discusses can be present due to an overall company culture of technical
ignorance.  I have personally had to lower my professional
standards at my current position so as to provide the functionality
required using the tools provided.  More frustrating than lack of
knowledge or caring is a perceived knowledge that makes decisions based
primarily or solely on the cost of a solution.  It is one thing
when the solutions are approaching and exceeding 6 figures in cost, but
another entirely when the solutions rejected based on expense hardly
exceed 4 figures.