archive: 2008/6

Announcing the ALT.NET Canada Conference

For the last half a year a group of us (Bil, James, Dave, Terry, Justice, Greg and Kyle) have been organizing the first ALT.NET conference in Canada and today, on Canada Day no less, we are announci

DotNetRocks Brownfield episode

Kyle Baley and I did an interview with Carl and Richard recently where we talked about ecosystems in the context of a brownfield application. Show #354 was published this morning and can be found her

Communication Waste

For the last few months I’ve been on a steady mission to absorb as much about lean software development as I can. This morning I got up and decided to enjoy the morning air, slight breeze, my Zune an

Separation of Concerns

I know this has been beaten to death in some circles (521,000 results in Google, 2,551 results in Google’s blog search), but it bears repeating until people start paying it some attention. Separation