igloocoder.com Consulting is a boutique consultancy that grew out of the technical passions of Donald Belcham. Started in 2007, igloocoder has built itself on a foundation of always learning and continual improvement. Focusing on the .NET ecosystem igloocoder's founder, Donald Belcham, has not shied away from making use of techniques and tools not normally found mixed with Microsoft's technology stack.

If you want opinions you've come to the right place. What you will find, we hope, are well thought out and well argued thoughts. There is nothing wrong with differening opinions within our industry, but here at igloocoder.com Consulting we pride ourselves in the thought process we go through before speaking our minds and the manner in which we're able to defend those statements. We will _not_ stand by our beliefs until the end of time. If you can convince us of a different view, we will change our minds. If we're not continually learning in this industry we're stagnating.

Pour a nice scotch and sit down with us one time and you'll see what we mean.