Best Edmonton Tech Posts in 2006

Inspired by this post by Des Traynor, I’m compiling the top posts for the local community in 2006.  Here they are in no specific order.

This is a great post that covers off a nice pattern that will increase the readability of your code.  Take a look at the comments and see what JP Boodhoo suggests as an alternative.

A great little blurb on a different approach to learning how to use a mocking framework.

This is an awesome post that tells how you can save yourself from the tedium of setting up a new project structure.

These are great things that you need to keep in mind while working on the dark side.

This is a great post that discusses different points on the use and non-use of comments to increase the documentation within your code.

This is an awesome post on a topic area that often gets ignored in the noise generated by the web hype machine.

  • Here and here about the launch of the Edmonton .NET User Group (Edmug)

This has been the single biggest thing I’ve done in my professional career and seeing the reception from the community has been fantastic.

Here’s to another year of great Edmug meetings and fantastic local blog posts.  I lift my glass of scotch to you and hopefully next year I’ll lift one with you.