User Group Meeting Content

One of the big reasons that Steven R, Steve Y, Brad, Mike M and I originally picked up the idea of starting the Edmonton .NET User Group was because we wanted better meeting content quality. Steven R has been doing a bang up job, but one of the things that I’ve noticed is that, because we have to get our big ticket speakers from out of town, we need to have some coin lying around to bring them in. To counter act this we’ve got three choices. Raise the money, get more local speakers and/or do webcasts.

Until we get money in the pockets or we start getting speakers from INETA and other sources it appears that the webcast method is our best option. To do this we have to have software and licensing in place. We’ve looked at a couple of options including Microsoft Live Meeting and Linktivity. Both of these have the option for the webcast to include streamed audio. Unfortunately the options, for both of these products, that we have available to us don’t include this feature. So if anyone out there is willing to sponsor us with a product that allows us to do webcasts with streaming internet audio (ability to record would be a bonus), please drop me a line. The same goes for anyone who knows of any free tools that will provide us with this functionality.

I’m The Igloo Coder and I’m off to cast a web in a stream.