The silence has been deafening

For the last few weeks I’ve been busier than all get out at work and
thus haven’t been posting much.  We’ve been working to push the
first release of our software to the client’s production
environment.  We finally got ourselves to that point on Friday,
but it didn’t happen without some hiccups, late nights and
weekends.  To top it all off I’ve been working on some code at

I’m thinking that we’re going to be a little slower over the next few
weeks so hopefully I’ll have the energy to post about some the
technical things that I’ve been working on.  These are going to
focus on VS and SQL 2005 as that’s what I’ve been using at home. 
I’m going to start doing some work on embedding Reporting Services in
to a WinForms app so I’ll be posting the long coming addendum to my
original Crystal vs Active Reports write-up.  I’m attending the Launch Tour
in a couple weeks so I’ll post some info on that.  For those of
you attending the Canadian events and didn’t know, attendees will be
receiving some nice toys.