Alt.NET Day 2, Session 3 -- MS MVC Preview

Scott Guthrie is showing the yet to be released MVC implementation that will be coming out of Microsoft for preview in the next few weeks, and RTM sometime in Spring 2008. It’s pretty exciting to see Microsoft taking this project on. Right now it’s looking alot like a MonoRail implementation, but it’s using some more of the new language features.

MS has implemented a tonne of hook , integration and extensibility points in the system. Although it comes with defaults (i.e. aspx as the default view engine) you can override them with whatever you need. If you want Brail, you implement with Brail. If you want Windsor, you use that.

The highlight of the presentation was when Scott called Scott Bellware a Mort for wanting to implement without writing tests. I can’t wait to get my hands on this in the next couple of weeks to do a comparison of it with MonoRail.