Roy Osherove on Continuous Integration and Agile

The more I see of Roy Osherove presenting, the more I like his style.  It’s understated, but he doesn’t miss covering and emphasizing the important points.  Maybe one day we will get him up here in the City of Champions.

This presentation, from TechEd (Europe? this year?), covers a lot of things including CruiseControl.NET, nAnt, nUnit, MSBuild, Team System.  You will need to use either IE or an IE addin for Firefox to view this.  Firefox by itself doesn’t work.

A couple  of the more insightful statements that Roy mentions are these:

During the iterations, the client can not change their mind.  Between iterations they can, but not during. > Agile methodologies are about adapting to the way your team works.  You could say that “My team needs more documentation…”

I wish I had that quote a week or two ago when I was getting hammered at work with the “.NET == C# == Agile == poor design == no documentation == failure” arguments.