Rob Windsor @ Edmug

Last night my old buddy (he claims the Leafs have won the cup in his life time….musta been programming on papyrus back then Rob!) Rob Windsor presented to Edmug on An Introduction to WCF.  He did a great job and covered a huge number of topics in the two hours he spent with us.  It was also great to see the audience really get into the topic and ask a bunch of questions.

One of the questions that came up was around the concept of programmatically adding and changing WCF MetaData EndPoints.  As always the web is a great place and I found this post by Rick Strahl in my aggregator this morning.  Rick covers off some great things there and hopefully it will answer some of the questions that the one guy in the audience had.

Thanks again to Rob for making the trip to Edmonton and doing his little tour of western Canada this week.