Peace is shattered in Middle Earth

Friday saw the peace, which had endured for three weeks in Middle
Earth, shattered by the return of Grima.  The rumble of the coming
doom could be felt the day before (it’s the only reason I can think of
explaining why I joked with our project manager that I needed to take
stress leave that day).  Friday morning the clouds of evil slowly
rolled forward, enveloping those that could not escape its path. 
By eight Friday morning the clouds advance on my desk and then I opened
my email.  Grima had rejected the Data Model to Bind Them
All.  My will to live was absorbed by the darkness that covered my
once fair cubical.

I scrambled to find my way to the light.  Chairs were hastily
pushed aside as I crawled along the short, tightly plied, industrial
grade carpet.  In what seemed like an eternity, I crawled,
sustaining myself on long forgotten Skittles, fragments of Cheetos and
Doritos and the occasional piece of stale popcorn.  With my energy
faltering, I finally reach the desk of Aragorn, hoping to find solace
and comfort in her presence.  Sadly, she hadn’t made it to work

With no alternative but to address the shortcomings of the Data Model
to Bind Them All, I made my way threw the darkness to my desk.  In
defiant protest I sat backwards in my chair (it seems that everything
else is approached backwards) and reviewed the reasons for my failures
to impress Grima.  In one comment, the definition of the term
“lockout” in Websters and Google did not accurately match the use of it
when describing the fields involved in locking out a logon
account.  It was at this point that the low hum of the fluorescent lights and my monitor were no longer able to mask the sound of the marching army of evil.

Middle Earth is under siege and I’m afraid that the Data Model to Bind Them All will be of no help.