Ivory Tower Architect

This is a commonly known archetype in the development world.  Since it's commonly known I figure it's a great place to start this series of posts.

Sporadically swooping into meetings with the rest of the team from his namesake home, the Ivory Tower Architect loves to show his mastery of software design. Whether it works in practice or not matters not to him. The rest of the development team is left to implement the grandiose plans handed down from on high, but the Ivory Tower Architect will never work directly on the code himself. Often the designs are overly complex and time consuming to implement, but he will not change them. To do so undermines his very existence.

Dealing with the Ivory Tower Architect requires a strong will, the willingness to have long winded and abstract design debates, and an almost fanatical adherence to the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. Lucky for you the Ivory Tower Architect will only rarely grace mortal developers with his presence.

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Derik Whittaker
04/02/2009 09:07 AM by
Derik Whittaker


IMO these type of people are the leeches of projects/companies. I recently had a post that rants about this very topic.


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Please do one on the absentee, politically driven types ( developers/leads ) all talk, no action and love to slough off work to the rest of the team. Are the first to volunteer a great idea but nowhere to be found during difficult migration/deployment/integration.. but in the client meetings or in front of upper management.. wow they could get an award!

These self-serving team members drain the rest of the team, go out of their way to make themselves shine at all costs ( including bailing on everyone else ). SO ANNOYING!

04/02/2009 02:38 PM by

"The princess and the pea" Developer

So sensitive, they'll literally throw a fit and whine for an entire work week about the smallest pains that somehow everyone else manages to get through.

"Grease Monkey" Developer

These people are just haters. The minute they see an oppurtunity to throw grease they will cease it with such glee. I avoid these people like they plague. This type of person will be the first to complain/naysay and somehow contribute to the meilei in an already tough situation. This asshole is usually best friends with the "Mr. Me Too" Developer.

I can't wait to see the whole list.. and we'll need one for types of groups too. i.e. the group that uses telepathy to communicate (nobody sees or talks to anyone else).. consumed by groupthink. The Bromance group. The "lets have a meeting"/ kumbaya group.. lol