Anonymous Access to SVN Repository for IglooCommons

I've had a problem with the anonymous access settings for my VisualSVN installation that is hosting IglooCommons.  It just didn't work without prompting for credentials.  Understandably, no one seemed to care until the other day when Sebastijan shot me an email claiming that he wanted to take IglooCommons for a spin.  Interestingly, Rob posted a fix for my problem on the same day, saving me the pain of having to figure shit out on my own.

So now, IglooCommons has been released to the masses!  I expect the race to download to be tantamount to a snail race!

Posted By: Donald Belcham

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10/22/2008 04:15 PM by

I just happened to be reading Rick Strahl thinking the same thing and some guy asked the same question I had, so I reposted Rick's post with more information on how to get from start to finish.

Thanks for the link love!

02/20/2009 02:44 AM by

I believe the port for IglooCommons should be 8443 not 8445 as shown.