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Over the last number of months I've been working on building up the toolkit that I use for software development. By no means is it going to be like Scott Hanselman's list, but it is something that a few people have suggested that I publish and I'm going to oblige them. The following is a list of the tools and downloads that I use for my development work.

Visual Studio Addins
- MRU Cleaner
- Spell Checker for HTML and ASP.NET pages
- The Microsoft Consolas Font Family
- CoolCommands
- Avanade Integration Pack for Microsoft Enterprise Library
- CSS Properties Download
- RssToolkit
- Property Manager Addin
- Event Log Data Source (added May 30, 2006)
- Web Application Projects (added May 30, 2006)
- Clipboard Manager (added May 30, 2006)
- devMetrics -- Visual Studio 2003 only (added May 31, 2006)
- CopySourceAsHtml2005 (added June 11, 2006)

Other Tools
- FreeDiff file comparison utility
- SourceGear Vault
- nAnt Tasks for SourceGear Vault
- nAnt
- nAntContrib
- nUnit
- CruiseControl.NET
- Reflector
- SQLPrompt
- nDoc
- MyGeneration
- KryptonToolkit
- nCover (added June 1, 2006)
- nCoverExplorer (added June 1, 2006)

That's the list as it stands right now. I'll keep updating this as I update the software that I'm using.

I'm the Igloo Coder and I'm all tooled up.

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